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du Preez, H. H., South Africa

  • Vol 9, No 3 (1990) - Original Research
    Energy loss via nonfaecal and faecal excretion in the marine elasmobranch Rhinobatos annulatus (Muller & Henle, 1841)
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  • Vol 11, No 3 (1992) - Original Research
    The effect of hexavalent chromium at different pH values on the carbohydrate metabolism of Tilapia sparrmanii (Cichlidae)
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  • Vol 12, No 1 (1993) - Original Research
    Die implementering van 'n akwatiese toksisiteitsindeks in die monitering van die Olifantsrivier (Nasionale Krugerwildtuin)
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  • Vol 18, No 1 (1999) - Original Research
    The sublethal effects of manganese on the differential white blood cell counts of Oreochromis mossambicus
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  • Vol 8, No 2 (1989) - Original Research
    An electronic valve controller for current control during the recording of oxygen consumption in aquatic animals
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